Digitize Processes

AppsPro Self-service Human Resources (SSHR) on the Cloud developed with Oracle JET on ‘PaaS’ technology seamlessly integrated with Oracle Core HR and Oracle Payroll, with an AI Chatbot.

With next-generation AI Chatbot functionality

With a growing organization, comes an increasing workforce. Every HR department head’s concern is the timely provisioning of HR services to every employee. With a backlog of requests which keeps growing every day, HR representatives are fighting against time, to action these requests.

AppsPro SSHR Anywhere ― a solution built on Oracle’s trust-worthy Integration and Process automation PaaS ― enables you to extend HR services to your employees through AI Chatbot on their mobile devices.

Chatbots or (Intelligent bots) are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations (Chats) with people by employing an-easy-to-use conversational interface.
AppsPro provides your establishment with such intelligence and current solution which can be wholly Arabized and customized to fit your organization’s needs.

We have developed a full fledged SSHR on the Cloud for Nadec, integrated with Core HR on the Cloud and Payroll on-premise. Please review the video to find a representative self-service, including attachment feature.

We are among the pioneers in adopting Oracle Intelligent Bot Cloud Services to build a chatbot that will calculate the EMI for a car and simplify the communications for a potential buyer. It’s in ARABIC! Please review the embedded artefact to follow the conversation.