Enterprise Security

Security is not anyone's business anymore. Cyberthreats are getting more and more fatal. Outsource your enterprise security to us.

Enterprise Security

Security is no more anybody’s business. Neither is it about installing an Antivirus on all endpoints. It is a lot more fatal and threatening with more and more innovative Cyberattacks hitting the world. You have a lot better things to do than being anxious about how to prevent an intrusion. Yes, that is why you need to entrust this to people who live their days and nights through combating cyberattacks in the cyberworld.

Many organizations are ill-prepared for a breach because they have not established a reliable incident management program. Cyber incident training, preparation, and simulations are essential steps to keep your organization from being blindsided by attacks.

Cyber exercises are valuable for evaluating existing security defences, testing new procedures, and establishing a fundamental method for training your security personnel on evolving threats and new defence tactics.

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Value Proposition


We help enterprises secure their digital businesses & security perimeter with a blend of innovative security products & services. We deliver enterprise solutions that combat the top two threat vectors – information loss & unauthorized access.


Partnered with Securitypluscloud, we deliver a state-of-the-art Managed Cybersecurity Services along with helping organizations build their own Mini Security-Operation Centre (SOC).

Avoid Fatal Loss
The cost of a breach increased straight from 2013 to 2017 with the “average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information increased from $300 to $450.” In the roughest numbers, the average cost for a stolen record is about $250 USD, and organizations paid roughly $10 million dollars as a result of breaches alone in 2017.

Don’t become News
You don’t want your organization to make the news by falling victim to cybercrime. AppsPro can help you discover proven security strategies, backed up by enterprise class technology. Our Security and Event Information Management services can sniff any threat that is hovering around your business to make a detrimental strike at the most vulnerable time.

Focus on Core, Outsource Security
Enterprise Security is not a CIO’s business anymore. The cyber security battlefield is always changing. Currently, the methods of choice for cyber criminals have included social engineering, botnets, and malware. Cyber criminals are also changing their targets: in addition to launching attacks on private infrastructures, they are also targeting victims on mobile.