Mobilize Processes

Every industry and every organization will have to transform itself in the next few years. Utilize AppsPro Digital Transformation Services to modernize your business.

Oracle Mobile Site Hub

AppsPro Mobile Site Hub is a Mobile Apps that deliver a competitive advantage to site-driven businesses. This solution provides companies with the ability to stream site operations, enhance site-specific decision making, and improve IT agility.

Location or site is a critical strategic component for many businesses. The site could be a business location, a key asset location, a store, a house, a customer location, a field for excavation, an installation site, a target site, an office location or for any other purpose depending on the type of business. Sites are expensive to acquire, and takes time, effort and capital to build-out, operate and maintain. Bad decisions concerning sites are often hard to correct. Mobile Site Hub serves the purpose of site visualization, and support site lifecycle management.


  • Repository for sites
  • Google Map View
  • Role-based access to Sites
  • Integration with Asset, Property, Inventory, Customer/Party
  • Built-in web services
  • Integrated with Oracle E-Business Site Hub, Enterprise Asset Management (eAM), Asset Tracking, and Inventory


  • Easy access to site locations
  • Improve service delivery
  • Enhance site-based target offerings
  • Manage sites with confidence
  • Identify site inefficiencies and develop plans for correction

Oracle Mobile Self-service Human Resources

AppsPro Mobile SSHR Anywhere is a Mobile Apps that provide employees with self-service capabilities, which allows the employee to access their data in Oracle Fusion Human capital management and to take care of many human resource related and job-related tasks through Mobile with an omnichannel user experience.

SSHR allows Employee/Managers/HR specialist to do many Human resources related tasks like applying for leave, business trips, identification letters, Medical insurance, and asking for multiple types of allowances, and many more of other self-service.

Having SSHR Anywhere will help the company to increase the productivity and efficiency employees can access their data and apply for various requests from anywhere using their mobile devices.

SSHR anywhere will decrease the number of entry errors and other mistakes because its integrated with Oracle HCM application that will validate their data in real time.

Key Features:

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Consistent across multiple platforms.
  • Easier adoption.
  • Inbuilt Approval workflow.
  • Secure.
  • Comes with a complementary FAQBot for all Frequently asked SSHR questions.
    (Please write to for a live demo of our FAQBOT)

Key Benefits:

  • Greater employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Manage dynamic workflow
  • Increased manager/ HR specialist productivity
  • Streamlined HR processes

Oracle Mobile Enterprise Asset Management

AppsPro Mobile Enterprise Asset Management provides comprehensive planning, tracking, and execution to support optimal asset monitoring and performance. Its sophisticated, condition-based maintenance strategies for plants, property and public infrastructure along with an integrated asset repository ensures best practices and quality compliance globally. Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) eliminates excess, and obsolete spare parts inventories promote environmental, health and safety policies, and improves coordination of production and maintenance schedules.

  • Work Requests Status Inquiries
  • Create Work Orders
  • Create Work Request
  • Record Work Order Spare Parts and Approve SPR
  • Complete Work Orders Approval
  • Notifications
  • Request Information
  • Asset / Work History