Outsource your Application and Technology support to AppsPro and have peace of mind.


Evolving consumer demand and competitive pressures have put businesses in a dilemma over how to improve existing service standards while simultaneously reducing application maintenance and management costs. AppsPro ‘Application Support for Oracle E-Business Suite’ offers an array of flexible support plans and innovative pricing options to sustain and optimize Oracle E-business Suite Environments.

AppsPro Application support model, aligned with some of the best practices for production support & maintenance, addresses the needs of businesses by consolidating, standardizing and optimizing the IT services and eliminating operational redundancies.

The organization must find new ways to increase operational efficiency, service availability and responsiveness while reducing costs. They must reduce operational overheads while retaining control on strategic aspects, and ensure more predictability in IT spend, the flexibility of resources and scalability in better times.

AppsPro model comprehensively addresses business challenges.

AppsPro Value Proposition

End to End Application Support Services

Optimized capacity and enhanced service delivery

Committed Service Levels with assured year-on-year improvements

Our solution offers

Flexibility: Ability to decide the quantity of work and pay accordingly

Reduced Risk: Access to an experienced support team with a wide depth and breadth of Oracle knowledge when you need them

Scalability: Ability to ramp up / down capacity in a short time based on business needs
Reduced Cost: a pricing model tailored to our customers’ unique requirements, with no wasted downtime resource costs.

Improved Operational Excellence: Standardized set of tools / processes and committed Service Level Agreements